Christoph Laimer   3d-Design & 3d-Printing

I was born in Zurich, Switzerland, grew up nearby. After finishing my studies in Electrical Engineering at the ETH in Zurich with a masters degree, I was working as a software developer - initially in semiconductor industries, and later many years in life science. Designing and creating innovative software, interacting with customers, and managing a small team of software developers was my big pleasure. I was always taken with mechanical constructions, designed and experimented with model airplanes. When 3d-printing became commonly available, a door for a new type of creativity was opened. I had to open this door, and immediately my focus was attracted by mechanical watches. I stopped my former job, in order to find more time for a new adventure as a "3d-print-watchmaker". I believe, future watches will be highly customizable - not only engraving or ornaments on the case, but the whole watch including the movement. Actually I'm passionate to design 3d-objects pushing 3d-printing to it's limits.

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